Partner Profile

Balkan Museum Network

The Balkan Museum Network (BMN) exists to celebrate, preserve and share the complex common heritage of the Balkans and to create, through cooperation, a strong, collective voice for Balkan heritage and the museum profession.

Aims and objectives

  • Key objective 1: strengthening museums and the museum and heritage professions in the Balkans through capacity building.
  • Key objective 2: museums are values and used as a resource and actor in civil society.
  • Key objective 3: the BMN is a strong platform for cooperation and collective advocacy for museums as institutions and the people that work in them


  • Communication, dissemination and engagement
  • Co-definition of research and market needs
  • Testing/validation of approaches and ideas
  • Prototyping and demonstration
  • Education and training
  • Contributions from the social sciences or/and the humanities
  • Networking, engagement, awareness raising