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CSGI (Center for Colloid and Surface Science)

CSGI (Center for Colloid and Surface Science) is an Italian public research organization established in December 1993 under the supervision and control of the Italian Ministry for University and Scientific Research (MIUR). The members of CSGI work in 18 different Units and 7 associated laboratories on closely related scientific fields, concerning both fundamental and applied research. CSGI also aims at the development of high-tech new processes, as a support for the activities of the small and medium size industrial companies. CSGI researchers operate in the following scientific areas: structure and dynamics of amphiphilic supramolecular assemblies (monolayers, micelles, bilayer vesicles, microemulsions, Langmuir-Blodgett films, host-guest systems), nanostructured soft and hard materials, physical chemistry of cement, structural analysis of biomolecules in solution, interaction processes, recognition of ligands with macromolecular surfaces, formulation of nanophasic systems. CSGI has an international reputation in the field of nanotechnology for the conservation of cultural heritage and the optimization of industrial processes using colloid and surface science.


WP2 Leader. Silver nanowires will be synthesized and characterized by CSGI with attention to the average size and aspect ratio, ruling the film transparency and the reading-out process.