Partner Profile

Hungarian National Museum

HNM as a central historical museum is collecting all types of objects connected to the history of Hungary from Neolithic Age to present days. Most objects of the 3.8 million are in storage inside of the museum building and outside depos and only approx. 12.000 objects are on display. The HNM has a significant archaeological collection, musical instruments, photographs, posters, coins and medals, arms and armor, goldsmith objects and modern materials like polymers and archives, etc.

Principal activities of the Conservation Department of the HNM:

  • Preventive conservation and remedial/active restoration
  • Maintenance and innovation of storage and exhibition devices/methods
  • Special packaging for storage and loan
  • Dissemination of knowledge in academic education and training courses


HNM will supervise and Task 6.2 activities in conjunction with other partners, guiding the intervention on the artwork for hardware implementation; technical partners will participate to realize the final embedded wireless sensor system demonstrator to assess artwork the tracking. Long range artwork tracking feasibility will be evaluated, to pave the way for advanced localization system. The embedded systems developed in WP5 will exchange data to the cloud-based infrastructure regarding the status of the artwork displayed on the smart phone interface, developed in WP4. The activities under this task will contribute to task D6.2. The tracking features of the AURORA digital tools will be tested in this task, and will compose, together to the digital tool testing performed in Task 6.1.