3 July 2024

On July 3rd, the AURORA Project successfully conducted its M16 Review Meeting. This significant event brought together all the project partners who had the opportunity to present their progress to an officer from the European Commission and several evaluators.

During the meeting, partners showcased the latest advancements in the project, highlighting their hard work and dedication. The presentations covered various activities and achievements since the project’s inception, demonstrating the innovative strides made in cultural heritage preservation.

The review was not only a platform for sharing progress but also an invaluable opportunity to receive feedback. The European Commission officer and the evaluators provided insightful recommendations and requests to help steer the project towards its next milestones. The constructive feedback is expected to refine and enhance the project’s future efforts.

With renewed vigor and direction from the review, the AURORA Project team is enthusiastic about the upcoming months. The collective effort and collaboration promise to bring about even more remarkable developments in the preservation and restoration of cultural heritage.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to make strides in this exciting journey!