23 May 2024

On May 23, the AURORA Project was presented at an international scientific conference focused on preserving Ukrainian cultural heritage, held at the Lviv National Museum. This conference, organized in the heart of Lviv, highlighted the urgent need for restoration in the city and across Ukraine.

Professor Nataliya Chukhray, Vice-Rector of Lviv Polytechnic National University and AURORA Project coordinator, delivered a presentation on the preservation of cultural heritage during times of war. She emphasized the significance of the AURORA Project’s initiatives, including the “Ukrainian Wooden Architecture 3D” project, which aims to create 3D models of endangered wooden churches.

The conference brought together over thirty speakers and included sessions on modern technologies for tracking and protecting movable artistic heritage. Key participants included Jove Pargovski, a guest from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Mykola Bevz, Head of the Department of Architecture and Restoration at Lviv Polytechnic. Their contributions underscored the critical role of international cooperation and innovative technologies in safeguarding cultural heritage.