24 April 2024

In a recent interview featured in the AMA Newsletter, Lujza Varga, Head of Department responsible for international cooperation, project coordination, and exhibitions at the Hungarian National Museum, shed light on the challenges and progress of the AURORA Project.

Varga discussed the significant challenge of adapting AURORA‘s technologies to the art field, emphasizing the importance of making outcomes operational for art professionals and institutions while minimizing any potential impact on cultural heritage objects. She underscored the need for thorough testing and research in this regard.

The AURORA Project, funded by the European Union alongside sister projects, aims to combat the illicit trafficking of cultural goods. Varga highlighted the collaborative efforts among the projects, including joint events and dissemination activities.

Looking ahead, Varga outlined plans to expand AURORA’s solution to various types of artworks, with a focus on enhancing technological integrations and minimizing impacts on artworks. The ultimate goal is to reduce technological knowledge requirements for artistic institutions.

Read the full interview to gain deeper insights into AURORA’s objectives and future developments.

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