1 December 2023

In an illuminating session on Friday, the AURORA project took center stage as it was presented to the European Commission DG RTD alongside its sister projects ANCHISE and ENIGMA. The dynamic representation included Domenico Romano from AVVALE, Stefania Melandri from Warrant Hub, and Rodorico Giorgi from CSGI.

The trio, representing the essence of AURORA’s multidisciplinary approach, engaged with the European Commission DG RTD, showcasing the project’s cutting-edge technological solution. AURORA’s Coordinator underscored the project’s commitment to preserving and protecting Cultural Heritage through the convergence of blockchain, advanced nanomaterial research, pioneering miniaturized devices, and artificial intelligence.

This pivotal opportunity allowed for an insightful discussion on current and future threats to cultural heritage. The session became a forum for sharing novel ideas and synergic strategies to counter these challenges effectively.

AURORA continues to stand at the forefront of technological innovation, weaving a narrative of resilience and dedication to safeguarding our shared cultural legacy.

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